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Collection of more than 300+ Real World Python Projects Which Can Teach You How Real Python Developers Makes Advanced Level Python Based Application.

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For Whom This Bundle For?
  • College Students/professionals who have just learned the basics of python and want to learn how real python developers make python based projects.
  • Final Year College Students who are confused on choosing which projects they should choose or want to make their resume strong by showing their skills in real world python projects. 
  • Python Developers who want to increase their python knowledge and want to work on Advanced level projects.

The projects under python 300 Bundle are distributed among various domains like

Domain 1 GUI Projects
Domain 2 Scrapping and Crawling Projects.
Domain 3 Django & Flasks Projects.
Domain 4 Python Game Development Projects.
Domain 5 – Real World Live Bot Application Using Python.
Domain 6 – Advanced Automation Projects.
Domain 7  API Based Python projects.
Domain 8 – Convertor Applications
Domain 9  Python DS ALGO Based Projects.
Domain 10 – Python Machine Learning Projects.
Domain 11 – Python Deep Learning Projects.
Domain 12 – Python Data Science Projects.

A Small Glimpse Over Python 300 Advanced Projects Bundle

GUI Based Projects

  • Email Editor GUI
  • IPL Statistics GUI
  • NSE Stocks GUI
  • Password Manager GUI
  • Digital Clock With GUI
  • Age Calculator GUI
  • Binary Calculator GUI
  • Calculator GUI
  • Calendar GUI
  • Dictionary GUI
  • And Many More…

Game Development Projects

  • Terminal Based Hangman Game
  • Rock Paper Scissors Game
  • Bubble Shooter Game
  • Fidget Spinner Game
  • Animal Quiz Game
  • Brick Breaker Game
  • Flames Game
  • Hangman Game
  • Snake Game
  • Spaceship Game
  • And Many More…

Scraping and Crawling Projects

    • Scraping Medium Articles
    • Scraping Hacker News
    • Scraping Youtube Comments
    • News Website Scraper
    • Movie Information Scraper
    • Linkedin-Email Scraper
    • Linkedin Connection Scraper
    • Youtube Trending Feed Scraper
    • Instagram Scraper
    • Wikipedia Scraper
    • Money Control Scraper
    • And Many More…

Live Bot Applications

  • Whatsapp Bot
  • Automate Facebook Bot
  • Instagram Liker Bot
  • Google Classroom Bot
  • Instagram Follow & Send Message Bot
  • Telegram Bot
  • Movie Info Bot
  • Covid 19 Update Bot
  • Discord Bot
  • And Many More…

Advanced Automation Projects

  • Work-Setup Automation
  • Github Repo Automation
  • SMS Automation
  • Whatsapp Reply Automation
  • Google Chrome Automation
  • AWS Automation Script for AWS endorsement management
  • Automatic FB Login
  • Spreadsheet Automation
  • And Many More…

API Based Projects

  • Google API
  • Lyrics Genius API
  • Pagespeed API
  • Reddit API
  • Twitter API
  • And Many More…

Converter Based Projects

  • Convert pdf to text
  • Convert image to pdf
  • Convert jpeg to png
  • Convert JSON to CSV
  • Convert number to word
  • Convert XML to JSON
  • Pdf to CSV converter
  • Video to audio converter
  • Images to video converter

Machine Learning Projects

  • Time Series – Covid-19 Cases Predictions for Next 30 Days
  • Time Series – Stock Price Prediction using Linear Regression
  • Time Series – Earthquake Prediction Model
  • Time Series – Predict Migration
  • Time Series – Weather Prediction Model
  • Contact Tracing with Machine Learning
  • Covid-19 Telegram Bot with Python
  • Covid-19 Detection with Machine Learning
  • Covid-19 Death Rate Analysis with Machine Learning
  • HealthCare – Heart Disease Prediction
  • HealthCare – Skin Cancer Classification
  • HealthCare -Lung Segmentation
  • HealthCare -Predict Diabetes
  • Face Mask Detection using ML
  • Face Expression Identifier
  • Employee Turnover Prediction
  • Earthquake Prediction
  • And Many More…

Deep Learning Projects

  • 1957 All Space Missions
  • 1 Million Suduku Solver using neural nets
  • Electric Car Temperature Predictor using Deep Learning
  • Hourly energy demand generation and weather
  • Caffe Face Detector (OpenCV Pre
  • Calculate Concrete Strength
  • Stock Market Prediction
  • Indian Startup data Analysis
  • Earthquack Prediction model
  • Amazon Stock Price Deep Analysis
  • Indentifying Dance Form Using Deep Learning
  • Glass or No Glass Detector Model using DL
  • Fingerprint Recognizer Model using DL
  • World Currency Coin Detector Model using DL
  • News Category Prediction using DL
  • Lego Brick Code Problem
  • Sheep Breed Classification using CNN DL
  • Campus Recruitment Success rate analysis
  • Bank Marketing
  • Landmark Detection Model
  • Pokemon Generation Clustering
  • Cat & Dog Voice Recognizer Model
  • Indian News HeadLine Predictor
  • And Many More…

Data Science Projects

  • Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  • Credit Card Fraud Detection
  • Stok Prediction
  • Movie Recommendation System
  • Human Activity Recognition Using Neural Networks
  • Amazon Reviews for Sentiment Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Uber Drives London Customer Satisfaction Analysis.
  • Grocery Sales Forecast
  • Symptom Disease Sorting
  • General Election Poll Analysis
  • BigMart Sales Analysis
  • Covid-19 Latent Period Exploration
  • IPL Data Analysis
  • Forbes Heighest Paid Athletes Speding analysis.
  • Network Analysis using Deep Learning
  • Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Tweets
  • Predict Star Types
  • Twitter Us Airline Sentiment Analysis
  • London based Hotel Revenue Analysis.
  • US Candy Production by Month
  • Air Quality Index Analysis
  • And Many More…

Note :

  • All Projects Come with Source Code in Python3 in .py or .ipynb format.
  • Each Python Projects Come with proper documentation & requirement file.
  • For ML, DL & DS parts each project comes with Dataset and required documentation.


Revive Your developer skills with advanced real-world python projects.

  • All Projects Come with Source Code in Python3 in .py and .ipynb format is given.
  • Each project comes with proper readme file and documentation so you don’t encounter any issues.
  • For ML, DL and DS projects, Dataset will be included.

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Designed by Experts

This python projects bundle is designed and built by experienced developers who are experts in the industry. Each Project is Handpicked and selected by intense discussion.

Well Documented

While designing each project we have put significant effort into writing proper comments, Documentation, Read me, and Requirement Files. So even a beginner can understand and learn from the projects.

What You Will Learn?

You Will Learn How Real Developers___

  • Plan their workflow to make real python applications.
  • Optimize the python code to make applications run smooth and fast.
  • Use advanced debugging techniques to figure out logical errors in python.
  • Write future scalable codes.
  • Maintain Industry standards and protocol while coding in python.
  • When to use any particular python library and when not to use.
  • How to design real world python applications from scratch.

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I have just learnt python from online courses and looking forward to make some real world projects. I saw you ad. I have really learnt a lot and currently I have made more than 30+ Real world python projects which are shining on my resume.
Rohan Sharma
C.E (B.E) Student, Tamil Nadu
Superb & well designed. I love the way instructors explain every logic before applying it. Fully value for money product.
Sanket Nair
C.E (B.E) Student, Kerala.
I am a final year computer science student and I have not made any real-world projects yet. But your Python bundle really help me out to make amazing python projects. I have also picked my final year major projects from your projects.
Karthik Kashyap
B.C.A Student, Maharashtra

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